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Bollywood Actress Without Panty

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Bollywood Actress Without Panty Biography
Top Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions:
Sonali Bendre’s wardrobe malfunction during the Karan Johar’s party at the Four Seasons Hotel is the hottest topic of discussion these days. Although Bendre’s spokesperson has denied the rumor it is not going to subside soon.

There have been numerous such incidents in Bollywood the past. Let’s see the top 5 of such embarrassing moment (sometimes the viewers are more embarrassed than the celebrity involved).

1. Yana Gupta
This was the hottest incident of 2010. Yana Gupta surprised everybody in a children’s charity event by showing up without her panties. She admitted her mistake but she also added that it was not a big deal.

Yana Gupta top-less show
 Here is another hot still of Bollywood sex bomb Yana Gupta who recently goes top-less for FHM Magazine cover page. Whether, her films offers her any name and fame to her not, definitely her panty-less show at a public function makes her a popular figure in Bollywood overnight. Ever since, there was great demand for her top-less poses from Men�s Magazines. Hence, she is cleverly utilizing this unexpected popularity to make ease money. Apart from this hot job, she is also doing item songs in Hindi films.

2. Shamita Shetty
Shamita Shetty’s had a Britney Spear moment when her skirt rode up momentarily in a program. That was enough for the photographers present there to capture one of the rare moments in Bollywood.

3. Nauheed Cyrusi
Nauheed Cyrusi’s braless saree was also a favorite catch in Ayesha Takia’s wedding. The transparent dress did little to hide the things inside. She made news and was featured in almost every Bollywood gossip sites.

4. Celina Jaitley
Celina Jaitely had her share of wardrobe malfunction when she ended up exposing more than what she intended in a program where she appeared in a dress as shown in the photo below.

Well, the actual photo of the ‘malfunction’ is not available but, anybody can guess what more can be exposed in such a dress. But, that was not the only reason she ranked fourth in this list. In another case, the editors of one of her movies choose to leave a scene where she has shown more than what is expected.

5. Sonali Kulkarni
Sonali Kulkarni is also known to have more than one wardrobe malfunctions. It is however not known weather she does it deliberately or by mistake, but Sonali Kulkarni can be name a wardrobe malfunction queen for sure.

6. Yana Gupta without under wear:
BollyWood actress Yana Gupta beautiful actress was about an Occasion held by the wolrd Children,s Kindness on the weekend.event held by the International children,s charity over the weekend,dressed in a short black dress the actress went Commando, she cant wearing Underwear,she tried her best to covered up by giving weird posses but the damage was done already.
Yana Gupta without Underwear become front line coverage of the charity show & media,after all getting such a juicy pictures of Yana Gupta without Under Wear:

Bollywood sexy siren Yana Gupta who few months ago creates sensation with her panty-less show in a public function is now once again hits the news head lines with her top less show given for a popular Mumbai based magazine FHM. She decorates the cover page of the FHM magazine of its May 2011 edition.

Yana Gupta attends event without her underwear:
Bollywood actress and supermodel Yana Gupta was left red faced at a current event when her unpleasant wardrobe malfunction got noticed by cameras flashing her privates. Unfortunately she was attended the charity event without her underwear.

The reports said that Yana Gupta went to an event that was held by international children’s charity and where she was inadequately dressed in a little black dress, which was inadequate enough to hide her cherished parts from the camera flashes.

While, the actress tried her best to hide by giving weird poses, but the damage was done. With all the ideal accessories for dress, the whole offender of the Yana Gupta’s wardrobe malfunction was the misplaced undergarment that may be the model forgot to wear down her dress.

This is not the 1st time that erroneous inner-wear has embarrassed Bollywood personalities. Mallika Sherawat has also been on the similar list.

Revealing the private parts in front of media cameras isn’t a big matter. The casual acceptance of forgetting to wear the panty with a smile is what makes yana gupta, the latest sensation of Bollywood. Leaving the Bollywood heart broken when her marriage as well a steamy affair with Aftab Shivdasani failed few months ago, Yana made it bang re-entry and she seems to be in love again.

Gossip is that Yana is seeing her partner from the reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Ja,’ Bangalore dance choreographer Salman Khan. The two were spotted holding each other tightly at Vijay Mallya’s birthday bash on Saturday while Yana introduced the shy Salman all around. When asked about the status of their relationship, Yana said that we are a couple. Never mind, this young dancer Salman Khan seems to have fallen in the tarp of this ‘No Panty’ girl.

7. Sonali Bendre....“without-panty”.. photos...
 It is may be intensely  or something malfunction wardrobe, But Bollywood B Grade actress Sonali Bendre goes panty less and all the Internet media are overflowing with this Panty less episode. She went panty less in Karan Johars party on February 1,2011.

Paparazzi took the images of the panty less Sonali.
Anyway Sonali is fearless girl and said the photographer that "I am happy because you saw it."
Aishwarya Rai, who was sitting besides her, was text messaging from her mobile and asked her to stop doing this nonsense. She got up and went inside.
Any way this not new in Bollywood, Yana Gupta and Neetu chandra also went panty less.

8. Anne Hathaway Without Underwear At ‘Les Miserables’
Anne Hathaway without underwear is becoming rouge day by day with celebrities going crazy with the different types of publicity. She is the new celebrity who is facing a huge disaster of her pantyless scandal.

It was suddenly a shocking moment for the celebrities and guests when , who plays Fantine, swept onto the red carpet of “Les Miserables” premiere. This premiere was held at New York on Monday.

A large number of people are searching in the web to watch the pictures of Anne Hathaway wardrobe malfunction. She was also joined by her co-stars including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Samantha Barks and Eddie Redmayne.

The “Dark Knight Rises” actress was looking stunning and glamorous while wearing an adorable dress from Tom Ford Spring 2013. The 30-year-old “Les Miserables” actress completed her look with Tom Ford’s matching knee-high stiletto boots and Fred Leighton jewels.

She also showed off her sexy leg in daring dress. “I’m getting used to the cut now and I have completely fallen in love with collars,” she said.

“There isn’t a collared shirt that I don’t love right now and I like the last gentleman look more than ever, but I still like to go between mannish and super feminine styles.”

On the very next day, she also captured the eyes of guest, audience and especially of paparazzi when she arrived at the Museum of Moving Images salute to Hugh Jackman at Cipriani Wall Street.

She was wearing a gold and nude ensemble, which complemented her alabaster skin. Here she was joined by his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and Les Miserables co-stars Eddie Redmayne and Anne Hathaway.

9. I'm the panty-less girl: Yana Gupta
Controversy is her middle name and she lives up to that title with gusto. But it's Yana's sense of humour that really stands out about her.

She shrugs off her latest scandal with a laugh, saying "I'm the panty-less girl! I simply wasn't expecting the issue to blow up like that. I just thought, 'keep your legs crossed, no big deal,' but it wasn't that simple. But being in this industry, you learn that these things come and go all the time. You can stress yourself out or let them be."

That apart, Yana's had a finger in several pies so far. From modeling, to acting and now, a music album and a book. "The music album is all set to release in March. It's been described as a cross between Bjork and Norah Jones," says Yana, adding that her book will be out by December this year. "I don't want to reveal the title, but it's about how to love your body. I believe that the most important thing is to love yourself exactly the way you are."

Being in an industry where physical perfection is everything, this is a lofty ideal. "I'm not perfect," says Yana, "But then, who is? It's more about what's going on in your head than what's happening outside."

Today, as beautiful women from all over the world are taking Bollywood by storm, queueing up to do item numbers in films, Yana can content herself with the fact that she's the real deal, the woman behind the trend. "I have talent, no doubt," she agrees and adds, "But it's also about timing and meeting the right people. It's vital to be in the right place at the right time."

Yana has, on more than one occasion, talked about getting into films with more than just an item number. Is she going to take that further? "I want the right film," comes the reply promptly. "I remember meeting a director for a film in which I was supposed to be one of the main characters and he told me I didn't have many dialogues. They just wanted me to run up and down the beach in a bikini. People want to cast me for my sex appeal," she says. So what's the role she's looking for? "I want to play somebody real, who goes through really challenges

10. Nude Sunny Leone grabs attention
It seems that the lucky star of Sunny Leone is blazing white hot. The Canadian porn star of Indian origin got her first break in Bollywood through ‘Big Boss’ season 5. The upcoming movie ‘Jism 2’ is starring the sex diva as well. Sensual trailer of the movie has already created a stir among the movie goers. No doubt that she is getting the star treatment. Her appearance in the trailer in the bare minimum clothing has already started scorching the screens. The sex factor is doing wonders for the movie promotion.

Going a step farther Sunny Leone has turned up the heat by doing a photo shoot, completely naked. She has given away the last piece of her clothes to do the shooting. Her curvaceous body is captured by the lens in full glory.  She is soaking wet and could hardly hide her assets. The expressions in her face loudly shouts about sex. No wonder that the porn star is going to keep her fans sleepless. The photo shoot will definitely increase her popularity and as well boost the film promotion. No one can be happier than the Bhatt camp. Mahesh Bhatt must be proud about the perfect selection he made by selecting her for ‘Jism 2’.

That’s not all folks. Sunny Leone has also Tweeted three of her photo collections that are treat for the sore eyes. In one of the photo collection she is wearing a sexy outfit, in the next she is in sexy blue and white lingerie. However, the third photo collection is the best. It shows Sunny in an almost transparent deep blue top and panty. Her innocent face and sleepy expression blows off the mind. The response to the Tweet establishes the fact that her fans want more and whether the movie ‘Jism 2’ is a hit or not, she is already a star.

However, Sunny herself is more focused about the film ‘Jism 2’. The film is all set to release on third August this year. Speaking about her character in the film she stated, “There are a lot of aspects in me that are similar to the character I'm portraying on screen. She is a very complex person with different shades. There is a huge sense of loss this character goes through, and I believe that most women and men have gone through this whether in relationships or family. My character is trying to find her way, the right way, but goes through a lot in her mind to figure it out.”

We sure hope that the film does well in box office and wish her all the best.

11. Bollywood actress in panty controversy!
It seems the fading Bollywood heroines� leaves no stone unturned to get back into the top slot, let it be a top less pose to a play boy magazine or attracting the media with their shameless �no-panty-shows� in the public functions. While, Bollywood actress Yana Gupta was very happy to endorse her panty-less-show, another star made it a big issue going to media against movie web site, which published her �special show.�

The same is repeated now by Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre who is gradually fading away with the arrival of the fresh faces in the industry. Bollywood media which caught her off with panty in a party thrown by Bollywood film producer Karan Johar, instantly uploaded her �special show� into their concerned media net works from where it has naturally finds it way into internet.

As usually, this actress Sonali Bindre also spitting venom on the media people warned to file case against those who published the images and videos of her �special show�. So, Bollywood seems to be catching with this new trend of expose-fire media-get publicity. But, is this not the worst that ever happened in the Indian film industry?

12. Neetu panty case concluded
Hot babe Neetu Chandra hit the headlines for wrong reasons these days. A popular movie web site published her hot still and wrote that she seems to be following Yana Gupta�s style who recently attends a public function without wearing a panty beneath. The media and the net catching up this sensational news have widely circulated the revealing still of Neetu Chandra. Therefore, Neetu Chandra has threatened the concerned web site management of lodging a complaint against it with National Commission of Women, unless the web site management tenders an unconditional apology to her and it was obliged immediately. After, her panty controversy comes to an end Neetu Chandra�s personal assistant told the media �Our madam Neetu who is enjoying stardom in the south and northern film industry doesn�t need to play such cheap tricks to get film chances. She has posed like that for a Tamil movie �Aadhi Bhagavan� and somehow it was leaked to media.�

This statement conforms that, Neetu�s pose is true but given it for a film and not in any public function.
Telugu Cinema News : Neetu panty case concluded

Neetu Chandra denies going panty less!
Denying reports published by a popular website, claiming that Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra did a Yana Gupta and went commando at an event this week, her publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, �Neetu Chandra is a girl with dignity and there has been no slip like this.�

The website had claimed that Neetu replicated Yana Gupta�s panty-less act and said that it seemed to be �intentional and she might have followed it, after seeing what Yana Gupta has achieved doing the same.�

But her publicist dismissed the report as a case of misreporting. �Neetu does not need to resort to any such thing for publicity. In fact, she was planning to initiate legal action on the website and was in the process of approaching the National Commission of Women (NCW) in New Delhi, when the site tendered an unconditional apology for the news. So the matter stands closed.�

What can we say but� all is well that ends well.
Bollywood News : Neetu Chandra denies going panty less!

13. The Dirty Picture controversy
Bollywood beauty Vidya Balan and Imran Hashmi�s upcoming movie �Dirty Picture� based upon the real life story of yesteryear actress late Silk Smitha has already surrounded with many controversies. Its posters, scenes, concept and the title everything leads to a controversy.

Now, this film may soon land in legal problems also, as some of the close relatives of late actress Silk Smitha have found this film projecting her in a very bad light. They said to be objecting to the recently released poster and the intimate scenes between Viday Balana and Imran Hasmi that projects Silk more as a prostitute than as an actress in the film industry. It came to know they wrote a letter to the film makers in this regard and warned them to drag to court if they try to defame their relative Silk Smitha.

So far, there is reaction comes out from the film makers. Dirty Picture is directed by Milan Ludria and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

14. The controversy gal Riya Sen's behavior hurts Bollywood's Bobby Darling
The controversy gal Riya Sen's behavior hurts Bollywood's Bobby Darling. Riya and Bobby knew each other socially, long before they actually became good friends. Bobby claims that Riya actually 'drugged' him to sleep without his consent or knowledge. In Bobby's own words, "Riya once took me to Indore as her companion, as I wanted to do some sightseeing. There was a sightseeing tour, but she didn't want to go out or let me go either. When she saw that I was keen to go, she offered me a vitamin tablet and said it was for good health." Ask Bobby if this was the reason behind their spat, and he says, "I don't want to drag out the past. Some things are better left unspoken."

15. Asin upset with Bollywood remarks
It is a tragic story of Kerala beauty Asin, who get bad remarks despite giving two super hits out of her three Hindi movies. Her movies �Gajini� and �Ready� both proved to be block busters in Bollywood and her �Bollywood Dreams� movie turned a dud.

She is quite upset with the remarks made by some Bollywood directors and producers. Asin said �I know some of them are stating that I am no where a match to Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor even my two films collects hundreds of crores just like her films do. They may be saying that I am an upcoming actress, but when they start comparing me with Kareena, that itself proves what my level in Bollywood is. My films itself will give a fitting reply to those who says I am an upcoming actress. I need not argue with them about my level in Bollywood or about my films. All this happens only because I am very selective with my Hindi movies and it creates enough enemies for me in Bollywood. But, I am not afraid of such statements. I know what I am and my talent,� said Asin with furious tone.
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